Rizonflow RFP High Flow Filter Cartridge

Innovative technology and advanced design provides  RFP High Flow Filter Cartridge reliable and consistent filtration performance.

When compared to conventional cartridge systems, 6 inch large diameter enable Rizonflow RFP High Flow Filter Cartridge to handle upto 300gpm (70m3/hr) flowrate in a single cartridge, which significantly reduces the capital investment cost and housing diameter, eventually saves valuable plant space.

Out-side-in radial pleat design results in a high usable filtering surface
area per filter cartridge.

Manufactured under ISO9001 quality system, Rizonflow provides most
cost-effective benefits from long service life.

Features & Benefits
• Highflow Capacity 70m3/hr
Fewer cartridges to accommodate whole system flowrate
Minimize filter cartridge usage
Significantly save housing size. (See figure 1)
Save capital investment
Save plant footprint
Save replacement labor cost
• Pleated type design
Extend the usable filter serface area
High dirty holding capacity
Extend longer life time
Save maintenance cost
• Polypropylene madia construction
Allow to use in both aqueous and non-aqueous fluid application
Applicable in food and beverage processing that requires direct food contact
High-quality media allows uniformly and evenly distributing the fluid
• Suporting core
Enables horizontal housing design
Results in easier replacement and lower labor cost
• Inserted O-ring & handle design on the cap
Perfect sealing
No special tools are required for filter change-out
Saving system downtime
Easy installation and removal
Saving labor cost

• RO Backflush Filtration                   • RO Prefiltration
• Pharmeceutical (process water)      • Food & Beverage( process water)
• Waste Water                                  • UF Cleaning/Backflush Filtration
• Municipal Water                              • Chemical Industry
• Electronics Industry                        • Petrochemicals Industry
• Iron Industry




Rizonflow+® RFPA High Flow Filter Cartridge

Rizonflow+® RFPA High Flow Filter Cartridge handles upto 300gpm (70m3/hr) flowrate in a single cartridge, and perfect for applications where absolute particle removal is required.

High Flow Capacity of the cartridge significantly reduce the capital investment cost and housing diameter, eventually saves valuable plant space and labor replacement cost.

This proprietary, large diameter, disposable filter system enable longer lifetime and easy filter replacement which ensure fewer system breakdowns and maintenance cost.

Features & Benefits
• Continuously graded pore structure of the filter capture contaminants throughout the media, therefore improved dirt-holding capacity
• Excellent compatibility with a variety of fluids
• Absolute Rating from 0.5 micron to 100 microns
• Ideal for removing deformable particles or gels from process fluids
• Extended core option eliminates the need for expensive housing hardware and allow for quick and easy cartridge change-out
• True depth filtration minimize downtime for equipment repair or replacement, to further maximize profitability
• Safe, easy incineration and disposal
• Environmental Friendly


  • Condensate filtration during plant start-up
  • Wastewater
  • Power generation
  • Potable Water
  • Combined cycle condensate
  • Electronic Industry
  • Coolants
  • EDI Per-filtration
  • Reverse Osmasis Pre-filtration


RealMax® RMHM High Flow filter

Innovative technology is applied in RealMax RMHM High Flow Filter Cartridge to achieve flow rates up tp 300gpm per element. Absolute rating provides consistent product quality.

Using fewer elements combined with an outside-in flow path enable a reduction on the size of housing required for your application.

Exchangeable with CUNO High Flow Filter

Features & Benefits

  • High flow capacity of up to 300gpm per cartridge
  • Reduced Filter Usage - minimizes product loss, labor cost, disposal costs, operator exposure, and downtime for filter change-out
  • Absolute rating
  • Reproducible effluent quality throughout the filter's life
  • Pleated type design
  • extend the usable filter serface area & dirty holding capacity,extend longer life time
  • Suporting core design
  • enhance filter cartridge strangth, easy to change
  • Easy to use
  • No special tools or hardware required for filter change-out -minimizes downtime
  • Handle design - facilitates easy cartridge installation and removal


  • Municipal Water
  • RO Prefiltration
  • Reclaimed Water
  • Coolants
  • Bioler Condensate
  • Electronics Process Water
  • Pharmaceurical


Rizonflow+ RFHP High Flow Filter Cartridge

Rizonflow+ RFHP High Flow Filter Cartridge is a 6-inch diameter,coreless, pleated cartridge. Its optimized design enables extended filtration area, which results in significant filter reduction, and smaller housings for high flow-rate condensate system applications.

Features & Benefits

  • 6" diameter, large geometry for high flow capacity
  • Absolute-rated filter medium for reproducible performance
  • Inside -out flow pattern design allows for excellent dirt holding capacity
  • Highflow capacity reduce upfront capital cost
  • FDA listed materials of construction
  • Handle design result in much faster, easier filter changeout
  • Available in a variety of filter lengths and grades


  • Power Condensate System
  • Municipal Water
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemicals
  • Electronics (RO Prefiltration, Process Water)
  • Food& Beverage (process Water)
  • Pharmeceutical (process water)
  • Waste Water