Rizonflow® Carbon Steel Filter Housing


Rizonflow Carbon Steel Filter Housing is designed for installation of each type of high flow filter cartridge. Compared to usual type of vessels, it allows larger size of filter cartridge and it requires less cost. Horizontal design and cordless structure make a quick and easy change out got filter cartridges. Material include carbon steel with rubber liner, carbon steel with PE liner and carbon steel with stainless steel liner.

Features & Benefits

  • It affords higher filter pressure, and provides variety type of pressure rating.
  • Unique supporting net tube structure permits safe use of filter cartridge.
  • Horizontal &Vertical installing ways are provided, easy installation and maintenance for customers.
  • Unique design specialized for sea water desalination application.


Rizonflow® FRP Filter Housing

Rizonflow® FRP Filter Housing with its independent unit configuration can be applied according to the site conditions, and it can also provides free combination with reverse osmosis system, which permits effective use of space. Due to its high anti corrosion performance, high strength glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) filter housing has absolute advantages in the field of seawater desalination.

Each filter housing's capacity is up to 10-50m3/d. It allows infinite combination. Digital control winding process provides high internal surface finish and easy cleaning, preventing the growth of bacteria.

Features & Benefits

  • Structure of permutation and combination allows free use of space.
  • Modular designal lows free design according to different flow rate.
  • Modular design provides easy combination and disassembly.
  • Quick and humanized design for easy open of end cap and filter cartridge change out.
  • Quicker for changing filter cartridge without dismounting pipeline.
  • Bright and clean Internal surface, easy cleaning.
  • High strength of corrosion resistance is a new choice of desalination project.


  • Sea water desalination
  • Pre-filtration and terminal filtration for NF、UF、RO、EDI system, etc.
  • UF,RO backflushing and cleaning filtration.
  • Manufacture and household wastewater treatment, water recycling pre-treatment, pre-filtration.
  • Pre-filtration and terminal filtration of electronic, microelectronic and semiconductive industrial high purity water.
  • Oilfield reinjection water, boiler feed water, chemical reagent, liquid organic products, high purity chemicals, pesticide, etc.
  • Purified water for drinking, mineral water, fruit juice, healthy drinks.