Dow Ultrafiltration

  Horizon Water Co., the first-class distributor of Dow Ultrafiltration.As the best partner of Dow,it is the agent of Dow Ultrafiltration and some RO membrane modules.

  About Dow

  It is a world's leading science and technology company with a history of 112 years.

  Global Fortune 500,one of the world's largest chemical companies;

  Global sales reached$54 billion in 2007.

  One of the the world's most respected companies as Fortune magazine judged;

  More than 3400 kinds of products,nearly 200,providing products plants worldwide,providing products and services to customers in 175 countries.

  46000 Global employees;

  Application of ultrafiltration

  DOW ultrafiltration is an advanced membrane separation technology which is developed based on the material science.It has been widely used in various fields of industrial and municipal construction.

  DOW ultrafiltration uses polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF)material,whose structure is a double cortical hollow fiber.In industrial applications of PVDF ultrafiltration membranes,ultrafiltration has the smallest nominal pore size and is capable of removing almost all the particulates,bacteria(4-log removal rate),most of viruses and colloids.Despite its small pore size,its extremely high porosity allows ultrafiltration to achieve comparable throughput to microfiltration and is therefore a better choice than microfiltration in most cases.

  DOW ultrafiltration adopts an external pressure structure that is not easy to block,has a higher interception amount,a larger filtration area,and is easier and more thorough to clean.The flow pattern design is mainly based on full flow filtration,but the components can also be easily converted to a cross-flow filtration mode.

  In the field of water treatment,ultrafiltration can be used to remove particles,colloids,bacteria,viruses,heat sources,proteins and high molecular organics from the water to do the purifying.

  Advantages of DOW ultrafiltration

  Little fouling:Membrane assembly made of H-PVDF material

  Excellent filtration performance and high throughput

  Durable dual cortical fabric provides excellent durability and resistance to damage.

  Very small aperture:0.03um

  High removal rate of bacteria and viruses

  Both full-flow and cross-flow filtering

  External pressure type structure provides low blocking rate,high pollution load,large flux and easy cleaning

  Simple,vertical and modular design makes the system more affordable and compact

  Engineering application field of ultrafiltration

  Drinking water:The current situation of water shortage and increased surface water pollution threatens the source of human drinking water.SFP series ultrafiltration products have high filtration precision and high removal efficiency for various suspended solids and colloidal impurities in water,especially for removing pathogenic microorganisms such as cryptosporidium,giardia and Escherichia coli.It provides the most economical and reliable protection for your drinking water safety through the hygiene inspection of relevant national departments.

  Reverse osmosis pretreatment:Ultrafiltration provides a more stable and better influent water source for the reverse osmosis systemmaximally protects the reverse osmosis membrane from contamination and clogging,and greatly prolongs the life of the reverse osmosis system.Dow ultrafiltration products are widely used in reverse osmosis pretreatment systems in China's power,petrochemicalpetroleum,electronics and other fields.The daily treatment capacity exceeds 600,000 tons,and the market share is far ahead.

  Industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater reuse:Ultrafiltration can remove impurities such as suspended solids,colloids and organic matter from industrial wastewater and municipal sewage,to provide pretreatment guarantee for deep treatment and reuse of wastewater and sewage.Dow ultrafiltration products with 8 inch diameter components can contain large amount of dirt,and the tough PVDF membrane wire can withstand more frequent water,gas,chemical cleaning.

  Seawater Filtration:The excellent performance of ultrafiltration makes it a complete replacement for traditional treatments for coagulation,precipitation and multi-media filtration.In many reverse osmosis seawater desalination systems at home and abroad,it provides high-quality and stable water inflow for desalination and reverse osmosis,and establishes a model for the application of seawater resources.

  At present,more and more Dow ultrafiltration devices have been put into operation in China,playing an increasingly important role in the field of industrial water conservation and environmental protection in the power,steel,petrochemical and other industries.