RizonSDI ® Automatic On-line SDI Monitor    

RizonSDI® Automatic On-line SDI Monitor,
an online control system, is specially designed
for continuous and automatic desalination
process and other water treatment. Used for
critical water quality monitoring, it achieves
precise control by safe and economical
operations. It replaces the manual,
error prone, conventional procedure
with an automatic,
precise and infallible routine  

 RO system on-line testing
 Sea Water Desalination
 Common Water Treatment
 Large scale plants that unattended operation


  • The system sets a measuring point ,where 2~4 point  is optional as needed measuring 1~4-chanel water quality.
  • a complete self-contained system meant for unattended operation
  • Easy on-site management and reduced labor costs
    1unit RizonSDI ® Monitor =4 unit Common SDI Monitor
  • No need for stopwatch or measuring glass
  • Automatic transport of filter paper after each measurement for a total of 80~100 measurements out of one paper roll
  • Significantly reducing labor cost
  • Avoiding manual reading errors
  • With extensive reliability and with advanced fault analysis and warning
  • Real-time monitoring and display the SDI value,functions, and fault detection by LCD
  • Rugged, spray proof (IP 65) self-contained, wall mountable system
  • Analogue output (4~20 mA) for remote reading of SDI value
  • Superior anti-interference ability by power-down protection and digital filtration technique
  • Alarms for temperature, abnormal pressure of air supply, membrane supplement and SDI over-limit
  • Print testing results by connecting external equipment
  • Booster Pump is supplied if inlet pressure is less then 35 psi
  • Remote transmission of signal meets  the automation requirements of large-scale water treatment plants.

Main Parameters

Basic Information
Housing Size 350mm*270mm*640mm
Working Humidity <85%RH,No Corrosive Gas
Working Temperature 5~40℃
Precision ±2%
SDI Range 0~20
SDI Testing Time 1~15min
Output Signal 4~20mA
Testing Criteria ASTM D4189-07
Applicable Membrane Filter Roll Model HSDI-0645-MCE
Environmental Protection IP 53
Operating Conditions
Air Intake pressure 4.0~8.0 bar
Water Inlet pressure 2.4~5.0 bar or 35-73psi
External Power 220VAC. 10%,50~60HZ
Water Inlet&Outlet Size Φ6mm quick joint
Air Intake Size Φ6mm quick joint