The MVR evaporation and crystallization system is one of the best solution to zero discharge of high concentrated brine.
Hezhonggaoke  pay great attention to customer on wastewater treatment , in field of wastewater zero discharge of many industrial applications of rich experience in actual combat as the foundation, and the earliest study of evaporator thermal Canada whiting / Swenson company strategic cooperation, and to join the international and domestic authoritative experts to R & D out with independent intellectual property rights ParKwater & reg; MVR evaporation and crystallization system provide the perfect system design, equipment selection, on-site installation, commissioning and after-sales follow-up. We provide whole system of service to customers, comprehensive protection for the safety and stability of system operation.
the introduction of Technology
1, MVR principle
MVR is the abbreviation of vapor recompression mechanical for steam mechanical compression technology. MVR evaporator is a new energy saving technology which uses the energy of the two steam generated by itself to reduce the demand for external energy.
MVR the work process is to lower the temperature of the vapor compression, temperature, pressure, heat increased, and then into the heat exchanger condensation, in order to take full advantage of the latent heat of steam. In addition to drive started, the whole evaporation process without need to steam from the evaporator, the secondary steam, compressed by the compressor, pressure, temperature, enthalpy increase, and then sent to the heating chamber of evaporator used as steam heating, liquid keep a boiling state and heating steam itself is condensed into water. Only a small amount of power input can be used to make the original waste steam can be fully utilized, and the latent heat can be recovered, and the heat efficiency is improved, and the economy of the steam is equivalent to the 30 effect of the multi effect evaporation.
2, MVR technology features
1) of high thermal efficiency, energy saving, operation cost is low: due to the use of 100 percent recycled secondary steam latent heat, completely avoid using fresh steam, greatly reducing the energy consumption, a ton of water evaporation energy consumption is only equivalent to a traditional evaporator 20 - 25%. Greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises, reduce environmental pollution. No waste heat steam discharge, energy saving effect is very significant.
2) due to the use of the compressor to provide heat source, and the traditional evaporator, the temperature difference is much smaller, can achieve a moderate evaporation, greatly improve the quality of products, reduce the scale.
3) without the need of the condenser, the structure and the process are very simple, and the traditional multi effect evaporation equipment is simple and reliable.
4) high degree of automation: MVR evaporator using industrial control computer and PLC control system and frequency conversion technology, completely realize the unattended automatic operation; continuous operation, safe and reliable.
5) clean energy, without any pollution. MVR evaporator can be run with electricity.
the main application areas of MVR system
1, industrial wastewater, waste water of power plant desulfurization wastewater treatment, coal chemical industry wastewater treatment, petroleum chemical industry wastewater treatment, wet metallurgy wastewater, electroplating and surface treatment industry, printing and dyeing wastewater, papermaking wastewater, wastewater alchemist, rubber wastewater.
2, chemical industry:
(1) production of chemical products
(2) desalination of sea water
(3) concentration and crystallization of organic additives
(4) purification of spices
3, food industry
4, the pharmaceutical industry
5, beverage industry
hezhonggaoke MVR
MVR evaporation and crystallization system is suitable to wastewater emissions, water complex, containing high salt content of industrial wastewater, reuse, hezhonggaoke for domestic customers with characteristics of unique design.
1, around the customer needs, tailored to the process
We not only provide the MVR systems equipment, to meet customer demand as the highest goal, according to the characteristics of customer needs, tailored package, including: best MVR technology before and after supporting scheme; the optimal price of equipment purchase; give full consideration to the maintenance cost; let the MVR play a role in the efficient and reliable.
2, "pretreatment +MVR" process ideas, a wider range of application
In view of the different water quality, choose the appropriate pretreatment. Including membrane method, double alkali softening, ion exchange and so on, to ensure that the evaporation system can be a long period of stable operation. And according to the characteristics of the water quality, in the evaporator design and selection process will select a different process, such as vertical tube falling film, horizontal tube falling film, plate falling film, forced circulation, improving the evaporation efficiency, enhanced resistance to impact load, improve the system scope.
3, combined process design, to achieve zero emissions
Process design can be divided into salt crystallization, while the concentration of water can be discharged to the evaporation pond, and then use the forced atomization evaporator for evaporation, through a combination of process to achieve truly zero emissions.
4, the system is safe, reliable and stable.
System automatic control, the key parameters of the selection of imported high quality control, to prevent interference of human factors. At the same time, optimize the process design to ensure enough design margin to ensure that the system in the case of raw water quality fluctuations can still run smoothly.