The ParKwater®MVR Evaporation and Crystallization System is one of the high-concentration brine zero-emission solutions.

  Horizon pays close attention to the demands of customers for wastewater treatment.At the base of the rich practical experience of multi-industry applications in the field of zero-discharge wastewater,and the strategic cooperation with Whiting/Swenson of Canada who studies thermal evaporators,international and domestic authoritative experts to develop the ParKwater®MVR evaporative crystallization system process.We also provide complete system design,equipment selection,on-site installation,commissioning and operation,and after-sales follow-up.The whole process systematically serves customers and fully guarantees the safety and stability of system operation.

1.     MVR principle

  MVR is the abbreviation for Mechanical Vapor Recompression,which is a new energy-saving technology to reuse energy of the secondary steam it produces to reduce the need for external energy.

  The working process of MVR is to compress the steam at low temperature,increase the temperature,the pressure,and the heat enthalpy,then enter the heat exchanger to condense,making full use of the latent heat of steam.In addition to starting driven,the secondary steam from the evaporator is not required to be generated during the entire evaporation process.The compressor is compressed,the pressure and temperature are increased,the heat is increased,and then sent to the heating chamber of the evaporator as heating steam.The feed liquid is maintained in a boiling state,and the heated steam itself is condensed into water.In this way,only a small amount of electric energy needs to be input,and the steam to be fully utilized,to recover the latent heat,and to improve the thermal efficiency.The economic efficiency of the steam generation is equivalent to the 30 effect of multi-effect evaporation.

2.      MVR technology features

  High thermal efficiency,energy saving,low operating cost:its 100%recycling of latent heat of secondary steam completely avoides the use of fresh steam,which greatly reduces energy consumption;The energy consumption to evaporate a ton of water is only equivalent to 20-25%of a traditional evaporator.It greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises and environmental pollution,carries no waste heat steam discharge,which makes the energy saving effect very significant.

  Due to the use of the compressor to provide the heat source,the temperature difference is much smaller than that of a traditional evaporator,makes MVR to achieve a moderate evaporation,improve product quality and reduce fouling.

  The structure and the process are very simple with no condenser,and more reliable than traditional multi-effect evaporation equipment.

  High automation:MVR evaporator adopts industrial computer and PLC control system and frequency conversion technology,which fully realizes unattended automatic operation,and it can run continuously,safely and reliably.

  Clean energy with no pollution.MVR evaporator can run with electricity.

3.     Horizon MVR

  MVR Evaporation and Crystallization System is suitable for the efficient reuse of industrial wastewater with large wastewater discharge,complex water quality and high salt content.Horizon design the system according to the needs of domestic customers.

  Tailor the process around the customersneeds.

  We not only provide MVR system equipment,but also set meeting the actual needs of customers as the highest goal.According to this goal,we can tailor the whole set of solutions,including:MVR process before and after the matching program;cost-effective equipment purchase section;fully considering maintenance cost to make MVR efficient and reliable.

  The process idea of"Pretreatment+MVR"can be used to a wider range of applications.

  In view of the different water quality,choose the appropriate pretreatment,including membrane method,double alkali softening,ion exchange and so on,to ensure that the evaporation system can operate stably for a long period of time.At the same time,different processes will be selected in the evaporator design process according to the characteristics of water quality,such as vertical tube falling film,horizontal pipe falling film,plate falling film,forced circulation,etc.,to improve evaporation efficiency,enhance impact load and expand system application range.

  Combining process design to achieve zero emissions.

  Process design can achieve salt crystallization,while the concentrated water can be discharged to the evaporation pond.And then it uses the forced atomization evaporator to achieve true zero emissions through the combined process.

  Safer,more reliable and stable system.

  The system is fully automatic controlled,and the key parameters are monitoring by imported high-quality instrument to prevent human factors interference.And the process design is optimized to ensure sufficient design margin so the system can run smoothly even the raw material quality fluctuates.