With special high speed rotating impellers, ParKwater® can increase water evaporation rates through breaking water to 100 - 400 micron mist into the air, and never damage environment due to mechanical evaporation without additional scale inhibitor. The water treatment capacity of one vaporizer is between 10T/h and 15T/h, and the average evaporation rate is between 30% and 80%, with up to 90%.
ParKwater® has been applied in ZLD of coal chemical, oil and gas exploration, petroleum and chemical, electric power industries benefiting from its low energy consumption,reliable operation and high efficiency, and processed the evaporation rate of high salinity wastewater in evaporation pond, accident pool, and sun-cured pound. 
ParKwater® solves the problem of overflow of ponds for many industries from different areas of the world.
ParKwater® consists of spray head, water supply system and electric control system.The water supplied by pump can be processed into droplet by misting head, and rise to evaporate. The four-season monitor and control system can maximize evaporation rate, limit spray drift and minimize operational cost through monitoring climate data, such as wind,temperature, humidity, etc..

• Minimize pond size and investment
• Low operation cost, no heat
• Applicable for high salinity wastewater treatment
• Scale and corrosion resistance
• Easy to install, operate and maintain
• Automatically control
• Two options for allocation, floating or land-based