Horizon High-Precision Oilisep Oil-Water Separator can effectively remove oil,dispersing oil,emulsified oil and partially dissolved oil in water,and separate two phases immiscible liquid according to the physical properties of the two mixed liquids different factors,such as specific gravity,viscosity and interfacial tension,usi a variety of high-efficiency separation media to solve the separation of emulsions in oil and chemical industries.

  The oil-water separator follows the principle of wet coarse granulation.The mechanism is to collect and grow small oil droplets on the surface of the material and then separate them from the surface of the material and rise them to the surface of the water body to achieve separation.

  The separation method can remove the oil floating,dispersing oil,emulsified oil and partially dissolving the oil in water,which solves the problem that the conventional oil water separator cannot do,especially the separation of the emulsified oil without adding the demulsifier.

  application area

  Coal chemical industry

  Refinery and petrochemical plants(steam condensate recovery and utilization,oily wastewater treatment)

  Oilfield reinjection water,offshore oil platform output water treatment

  Power plants(steam condensate recovery),nuclear power stations

  Machining(automotive,electroplating,metal cutting)

  Other oily wastewater treatment with high oil content requirements

  Product advantage

  Complete physical separation,without adding chemical additives,and long-service-life filter.

  Ultra high-precision separation,whose lowest oil content in the product is less than or equal to 0.5mg/L

  Wide range of oil separation and high separation speed

  Low filtration resistance,low energy consumption with 0.1-0.3Mpa operating pressure.

  No harmful by-products and derivatives

  Modular design,small size and small area

  Fully automatic operation,which is easy to operate.

  core technology

  Molecular modification technology of fiber materials

  After modification,the fiber has the surface characteristics o of the hydrophilic hydrophobic