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R & D Test Center

R & D Test Center

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Technology research and development

     As a national high-tech enterprise, Hezhong always takes technology R & D as the foundation of enterprise development. We focus on product quality and new technology in the industry, and tirelessly pursue technological innovation.We pay attention to the needs of the industry, introduce foreign advanced technology, digest and improve to improve its economy.Invest nearly 60 million to establish R & D centers and pilot bases, and strive to provide high-quality products, accurate solutions and the most timely customer service.

    Its research field covers various cutting-edge technologies of water treatment, and provides high-quality products and efficient proce-ss solutions to nearly 1000 industrial water treatment customers in 50 countries around the world



R & D Experiment Center

       The R & D experimental center was established in 2005 and has a history of 15 years.The experimental center has various experimental instruments, which can detect most of the water quality and provide timely and fast services to solve customers' practical problems.

       The water quality analysis items that can be completed by the R & D experimental center include: SDI value, oil content, COD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, pH, potassium ion, calcium ion, magnesium ion, sulfate, chloride ion, acidity, alkalinity, conductivity, TDS, etc;The filter membrane analysis items that can be completed include: maximum pore diameter, average pore diameter, filtration accuracy, etc.

       The R & D experimental center also has various membrane material synthesis simulation platforms, various membrane material performance evaluation equipment and solid-liquid separation experimental testing;In addition, filter element test line and SDI instrument test line are built.

Experimental center instruments and equipment

Biochemical incubator

It is suitable for water analysis and BOD determination. It is a special constant temperature equipment for the cultivation and preservation of bacteria, molds and microorganisms. It can be used for the determination of microorganisms in water samples and filter products.
Low temperature cooling circulating pump
It is applicable to various chemical and physical experiments that need to work at low temperature, and is used to maintain a constant low temperature in the test process.
Rotary evaporator

It is mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery.It is especially suitable for the concentration and purification of biological products that are easy to decompose and denatured at high temperature.
Lifting oil bath

It is used for constant temperature heating of rotary evaporator with excellent temperature control performance to ensure the constant temperature environment in the test process.

Bubble point meter

Test the bubble point pressure of the sample.Bubble point tester, also known as integrity tester, is used to test the accuracy and integrity of filter elements and filter materials.

Infrared spectrophotometer

The oil content in sample water was measured by infrared spectrophotometry.

intelligent digestio-n instrument

The digestion pretreatment of COD, total nitrogen, total phosphorus and other water samples is carried out, the heating temperature is set and displayed digitally, and the heating temperature is automatically controlled.

Multi parameter water quality analyzer

It can analyze and test conductivity, resistivity, TDS and salinity.


Test items of experimental center

Test items

Equipment name

Test method basis

Determination of oil content in oily sewage

Infrared spectrophotometer

HJ 637-2012 water quality - Determination of petroleum, animal and vegetable oils - Infrared Spectrophotometry

Determination of filter material completion

Filter element completion test

GB / T 14041.1-2007 national standard test method for structural integrity of hydraulic filter elements

Measurement of evaporation temperature and temperature range of liquid medium

Rotary evaporator


Determination of medium viscosity


GB / T 10247-2008 capillary method

Determination of COD in water quality


Multifunctional digestion instrument

Multi parameter water quality analyzer

HJ / t399-2007 water quality determination of chemical oxygen demand rapid digestion spectrophotometry

Determination of ammonia nitrogen in water quality

Hj535-2009 water quality determination of ammonia nitrogen Nessler reagent spectrophotometry

Determination of total phosphorus in water

Hj670-2013 water quality - Determination of phosphate and total phosphorus - ammonium molybdate spectrophotometric method

Determination of total nitrogen in water quality

Ultraviolet spectrophotometry

Determination of chloride ion in water quality


Determination of silver nitrate

Determination of calcium and magnesium ions in water


GB / T 15452-1995 EDTA single measurement method

Determination of nitrate in water


Methods for detection and analysis of water and wastewater (Fourth Edition supplement) potassium permanganate titration

Determination of BOD in water quality

Biochemical incubator and BOD tester

Methods for detection and analysis of water and wastewater (Fourth Edition supplement) dilution inoculation manometry

Water quality - Determination of electrical conductivity

Conductivity meter

Methods for detection and analysis of water and wastewater (Fourth Edition supplement) portable conductivity meter method

Water quality - Determination of pH and pH

PH meter

Methods for detection and analysis of water and wastewater (Fourth Edition supplement) portable pH meter method

Water quality - Determination of TDS

TDS rapid tester

Electrode method

Determination of medium density



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