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Have experienced professional talent team; Focus on industrial water treatment and zero discharge of wastewater treatment; Customized industry segment solutions for customers.

  • Technical specialty: rigorous technical logic + persuasive + professional but not difficult to understand + tools and materials + rigorous process.
  • professional image: external image + workplace etiquette.
  • Professional quality: being neither humble nor arrogant + rigorous and meticulous attitude.
  • Senior process designer, 1-to-1 process design service, tailored solutions, multi industry engineering cases, focusing on the field of zero discharge of wastewater treatment.



Technological innovation, application innovation and mode innovation; Close to the market, focus on customer needs and solve the actual needs of customers.

  • Focus on customer needs, not stick to the current situation, and have the courage to break through existing t-echnologies and models.
  • Create very practical products and process routes.
  • Close to the market, focus on users and focus on users' interests.
  • Collect user feedback, and constantly iterate the product or process to make it to a higher level.



High efficiency and high efficiency; For customers' needs and rapid response; Finish the day.

  • Think about what customers want, worry about what customers need, solve customers' doubts and provide customers with what they need.
  • Understand customer needs, respond quickly and make efficient decisions.
  • Strengthen time management, have clear goals and do things carefully and attentively
  • The process serves customers and simplifies to the end the process of efficient service and non-compliance with objectives.


Be honest, do things in a down-to-earth manner, contract spirit, abide by commitments and respect contracts; Do not make false publicity, mislead customers, or maliciously slander peers; Pay attention to product and engineering quality, and recommend global mature and reliable processes and technical solutions.

  • Have a sense of contract, abide by commitments and respect contracts.
  • Seek benefits from quality and maintain the reputation of the company and customers.
  • Pay attention to product and engineering quality, "fine workmanship, rough out inferior products".
  • Pay attention to the delivery time and construction period, "the delivery time shall be accurate, and carelessness will lose credit".



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