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Pilot base

Pilot base

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Pilot test base

      The pilot test base was established in 2016 to meet various needs encountered in the project and provide basis for the reasonable

selection of process parameters of the project scheme;Explore and verify the process route;Provide theoretical analysis and data support for field problems.

      The pilot test equipment includes: microfiltration test unit, ultrafiltration test unit, rapid oil removal unit, precision oil removal unit

and subcritical water oxidation unit



Pretreatment pilot module

Microfiltration test unit

The automatic microfiltration system can carry out

the adaptability of different microfiltration products

to different treatment processes, and can complete the on-line test of temperature, flow, turbidity, pH,

SDI, differential pressure and other parameters

Ultrafiltration test unit

The automatic ultrafiltration system can carry out the performance and comparison test of the security

filter element, and can complete the parameter test of temperature, flow, turbidity, pH, SDI, differential

pressure and so on.

Quick degreasing unit

It is applied to large oil content and relatively low oil removal requirements

Precision degreasing unit

It can be used in the oil field with small oil content and high oil removal accuracy


Cod treatment module

-Subcritical water oxidation unit

The critical pressure and temperature of water are

22.1mpa and 374.3 ℃ respectively. Water in liquid

state at low temperature and low pressure slightly lower than 374.3 ℃ and 22.1mpa is called "subcritical water".In the subcritical state, water changes from

strong polarity to nonpolarity, and its chemical

properties become active.

Subcritical water oxidation technology oxidizes

organics and toxic substances in water, and oxidizes organics into water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and

inorganic salts.The pollutants contained in some wastewater belong to synthetic substances, such as

polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heterocyclic and

long-chain alkanes, or heterocyclic compounds

containing nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and phosphorus

at the same time. They are highly stable, toxic and

difficult to treat. It is difficult to treat them effectively by general treatment methods.These wastewater

can be treated by subcritical water oxidation

technology, which can achieve good treatment effect.


MVR pilot module


      MVR fixed evaporation equipment function:

exploring the evaporation and crystallization parameters of materials;Simulation operation of actual problems on site;Test platform for new parts.

    MVR fixed equipment function: MVR mobile

equipment function: experiment and test of field problems;Confirmation of process ideas of main works.


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