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Water treatment products

Water treatment products

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Provision of water treatment products—We provide professional water trea tment products to serve water treatment systems in many industries


Filter products:

     The large flow filter element integrates innovative technology and design, and adopts the patented guide net design to reduce the medium flow resistance, so as to reduce the initial differential
pressure of the filter element. The design of high-strength support framework can effectively resist the water inlet pressure, the filter element is not easy to deform and prolong the service life. The
large diameter and high flow of the filter element reduces the
diameter of the filter shell, reduces the floor area of the system and reduces the investment cost.
     Security filter is also known as precision filter. The security
filter belongs to the pressure vessel because its medium has a
certain pressure. According to different media, it is divided into
stainless steel filter, carbon steel rubber lined (plastic lined) filter, FRP filter, etc; It can be divided into vertical and horizontal
according to different installation forms; According to the selectio-n of filter element, it is divided into large flux filter, small filter
element filter, etc.
Water quality monitoring products:

      Including a full range of SDI instruments:Fully automatic,

portable and manual SDI instrument.    

       The full-automatic SDI instrument can operate fully automati-cally, controlled by PLC, without manual intervention, real-time monitoring, and a unique membrane replacement mechanism to
realize full-automatic membrane replacement.
       The portable SDI instrument is compact and easy to carry. It
can automatically measure and calculate the SDI value, and press the key to realize the paperless operation mode.

     The manual SDI instrument is economical and applicable. It

adopts a unique overflow hole to achieve complete exhaust and

uniform water distribution. The unique pressure regulating valve


used to stabilize the water pressure, which is light and easy to carry.



Typical industry performance


Coal chemical industry

The world's largest coal to olefin


Project location:Inner Mongolia
Project water volume:20,000m³/h
Application:Rizonflow®Large flow filtration system.


Ningxia olefin project

Project location:Ningxia
Project water volume:48,000m³/h
Application:Rizonflow®Large flow filtration system.


Shaanxi Yulin water reuse project

Project location:Yulin, Shaanxi
Project water volume:175m³/h
SDI instrument.

Petroleum and chemical industry

Sinopec project

Project location:Tianjin, Dagang
Project water volume:10X7680m³/h
Application:RizonFlow®Large flow filtration system.

CNOOC Chunxiao CEP production sewagtreatment project

Project location:Offshore platform
Project water volume:400T/D
Application:Oil water separation




Xinjiang Shengxiong project

Project location:Turpan, Xinjiang
Project water volume:3X150m³/h
Application:RizonFlow®Large flow filtration system.


Power industry


Dagang Guodian project


Project location:Tianjin, Dagang
Project water volume:24,000m³/h
Application:RizonFlow®Large flow filtration system

Zhejiang Yueqing power plant project
Project location:Yueqing, Zhejiang
Project water volume:2000m³/h
Application:RizonFlow®Large flow filtration system


Anhui Electric Power Project
Project location:Fuyang, Anhui
Project water volume:3X200m³/h
Application:RizonFlow®Large flow filtration system

Seawater desalination industry

Asia's largest desalination project
Project location: Tuas, Singapore
Project water volume: 100,000m3/h
Application: Rizonflow®Large flow filtration system


Australia's largest desalination
Project location: Adelaide, Australia
Project water volume: 30,000m3/h
Application: rizonsdi®Fully automatic SDI instrument (seawater


South American Municipal
desalination project
Project location: South America
Project water volume: 10,000m3/h
Application: Realmax®FRP filter


Steel industry

Hebei Iron and Steel Group
Project location:Hebei, Xuanhua
Project water volume:3×28800m³/h
SDI instrument,RizonFlow®Large
flow filtration system


Chongqing Iron and Steel Group Project
Project location:Chongqing
Project water volume:3×28800m³/h
Application:RizonFlow®Large flow filtration system
Tangshan Iron and Steel Group
Project location:Tangshan
Project water volume:1500m³/h
RizonSDI®Automatic SDI
instrument, RizonFlow®Large flow filtration system


Municipal and paper industry

Ordos urban water supply project, the largest municipal membrane process project in northern China
Project location:Ordos,
Inner Mongolia
Project water volume:200,000m³/h
SDI instrument, RizonFlow®Large flow filtration system
Beijing Beixiaohe sewage treatment project for Olympic
municipal sewage
Project location:BeiJing
Project water volume:60,000m³/h
Application:RizonFlow®Large flow filtration system


Guangdong paper project
Project location:Dongguan, Guangdong
Project water volume:160,000T/D
Project Time:2007
Application:RizonFlow®Large flow filtration system



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