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【Process Design Engineer】——Office location: Tianjin Urban Area
Job responsibilities: 1. Design and technical communication in the early stage of evaporation crystallization system; 2. Detailed design of evaporation crystallization system process; 3. Assist the procurement to complete technical capital raising and agreements; 4. Guide on-site installation and debugging; 5. Cooperate with other majors and departments.
1. Chemical engineering major, bachelor degree or above, under 35 years old; 2. At least 2 years related working experience, experience in chemical design institute is preferred; 3. Experience in designing and executing more than two projects independently; 4. Familiar with CAD and Office software; 5. Good team player, good at communication, careful and responsible; 6, can adapt to the short difference.
【Assistant Process Design Engineer】——Office location: Downtown Tianjin
Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for evaporation crystallization design drawing;

2. Responsible for technical support of procurement work;

3. Responsible for technical work related to on-site construction of the project;

4. Responsible for other work arranged by superior leaders.
【Project Sales】——Office location: Chaoyang District, Beijing
1. Responsible for the business development and sales of the company's water treatment project, wastewater zero discharge project and process design in the environmental protection industry;

2. Responsible for project identification and tracking, customer relationship contact, technical solutions and communication with customers, and all related coordination work before signing the project contract;

3. Responsible for maintaining good and close communication and cooperation with customers, potential customers, project partners and design institutes in related fields;

4. Responsible for completing the annual sales targets.
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