Congratulations on the grand listing of Horizon Water Co.,Ltd.


  Horizon Water Co.,Ltd.(stock code:834231)launched a special ringing ceremony on November 20.

  Tian Xufeng,Chairman of Horizon Water Co.,Ltd.introduced that,Horizon Water Co.,Ltd.was established in 2003,dedicates to the design,development,production and sales of membrane water treatment process products.In 2008,Horizon launched the engineering business segment to provide a complete solution for mechanical atomization systems and evaporative crystallization systems for the zero-emissions market.It provides world-class water treatment equipment for petrochemical,electric power,electronics,food,sea,and pharmaceutical industries at home and abroad,helps customers reduce water treatment costs,improve economic efficiency,and promote environmental protection,and has been highly praised by customers as customers’preferred partner.

  When talking about the future development plan,Tian Xufeng said that,officially landing in National Equities Exchange and QuotationsNEEQunder the recognition of the capital market has become an important milestone in the company's development process.The company's existing MVR evaporation crystallization system,mechanical atomization evaporator,filtration system,SDI tester,clamps,self-cleaning system and other products have been widely used in representative enterprises of all walks of life.Combining the company's forward-looking understanding and mastery of new technologies in the industry,as well as rapid market judgment and R&D innovation,Horizon has gained a good market reputation in the environmentally friendly water treatment equipment industry.For this time,Horizon has taken the first step toward the capital market.The next step is to develop the business model of BOT,BT and EPC.In the future,the company will meet the needs of customers and return shareholders with the best products and best services with better efforts.

  Tian Xufeng,Chairman and President of Horizon,Li Jun,Executive Vice President of Horizon,key management personnels and the company's main partners attended the event to witness this historical moment.

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