Horizon at Singapore International Water Week 2010


          From June 28 – July 2, the Suntec Exhibition Centre in Singapore is the venue of the 2010 Singapore International Water Week (SIWW). The theme for SIWW 2010 is Sustainable Cities: Clean and Affordable Water, focusing on the need for efficient and cost effective solutions to provide safe drinking water at an affordable cost amidst a constantly changing environment. Though not naturally endowed with land or water, Singapore has been able to overcome its water challenges through a holistic and integrated approach to water management and investments in R&D and technology. Key water projects like the Marina Barrage and Deep Tunnel Sewerage System are examples of sustainable urban water solutions that can be shared with cities and nations around the globe. With water identified as a key growth sector for Singapore’s economy, the knowledge and expertise of agencies like the EDB, PUB and SWA will continue to shape Singapore into an important water hub for the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world.

          Horizon Beijing Office focusing on sales and marketing activity in Asia Pacific area, during there year, has its products installed in many large scale water treatment plant in this area, which provide sustainable and high performance product for both industry and sustainable life At the SIWW 2010, Horizon is proud to present three category of its product line, Filtration System, Piping connection (Couplings) and SDI Test Monitors, which provides focused solution to water treatment plant.

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