128PCS of Rizon High flow Filter Cartridge delivered for Southeast Asia client on 2.Aug.2017


Rizon High flow filter Cartridge

Innovative technology and advanced design provide Rizonflow® RFP High Flow Filter Cartridge reliable and consistent filtration performance. When compared to conventional cartridge systems, 6 inch large diameter enables Rizonflow® RFP High Flow Filter Cartridge to handle upto 300gpm (70m3/hr) flowrate in a single cartridge, which significantly reduces the capital investment cost and housing diameter, eventually saves valuable plant space. Out-side-in radial pleat design results in a high usable filtering surface area per filter cartridge. Manufactured under ISO9001 quality system, Rizonflow provides more cost-effective benefits from long service life.

A batch of high flow filter cartridge ordered by our Southeast Asia client just delivered from our factory yesterday.

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