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Project management
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Project management

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The project management


Project management on the basis of ISO system, combining the characteristics of the industrial wastewater zero discharge project set up a complete set of project management system, and constantly improve the existing management mode in practice, gradually achieve project execution process standardization, scientific management, make the project control more effective and standardized management, during the process of project management, adhere to the following guidelines:

Quality first: this is the quality principle we always implement. According to the characteristics of each project, make full use of the company's advantages in personnel, equipment, technology, management and other aspects, in the shortest time, quality and quantity to achieve the owner's investment control objectives, to ensure that the system a successful start-up.


Adhere to scientific management: according to the characteristics of each project, prepare detailed and specific construction organization design plan, project schedule plan, manpower and machine and tools use plan, quality management measures, the main construction site construction scheme, etc.


Ensure construction schedule: implement network plan on schedule arrangement, overall arrangement and rolling implementation to ensure the completion of key lines and control points. Adhere to quality and progress together, quality is the premise of progress, progress is subject to quality assurance.


Ensure safe construction: safe construction is the top priority in the project construction, strictly abide by the construction production safety operation regulations, do a good job of fire prevention and anti-virus work, put an end to the illegal operation caused by life, property losses of malignant accidents.



The overall business form: consulting service, preliminary design, detailed design, procurement service, construction management, debugging support, after-sales service.


Process development: with the core technology RESEARCH and development center, close to the market, to solve the actual needs of customers as the starting point, to achieve technological innovation; Strategic cooperation with Whiting/Swenson, a leader in thermal evaporation technology industry, to solve customers' water treatment problems with global leading technology.


Engineering design: with experienced professional talent team, to provide customers with the best scheme design; Focus on industrial water treatment, focus on wastewater treatment zero discharge field, tailored solutions for customers.

Engineering construction: we have a professional engineering service team with rich experience in project implementation and operation. Perfect construction management system, efficient execution, focus on customer needs, pay attention to the quality of the project, ensure the stable implementation of the project construction system.

Processing and manufacturing: strategic cooperation with manufacturing enterprises, establish manufacturing base, around the evaporation, crystallization, filtration and other fields involved in the zero-discharge process of industrial wastewater, provide integrated process design and equipment processing and manufacturing.

Debugging and after-sales service: with a perfect customer service system and after-sales service team, quick response to problems, to provide targeted solutions, to ensure the continuous, stable and efficient operation of the system and equipment.


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