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Manufacturing base
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Manufacturing base

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Manufacturing base


The manufacturing base is located in Zhejiang, covering a total area of about 90,000 square meters, with 55,000 square meters of production plants, with welding, equipment assembly, heat preservation, sand blasting rust removal, acid pickling passivation, testing and paint production lines.


Manufacturing base has advanced mechanical processing and testing equipment at home and abroad and so on new material, new technology integrating product research and development, machining, assembly, surrounding industrial wastewater zero discharge process of evaporation, crystallisation, filtration area to provide specialised processing, manufacturing process design and equipment, to provide clients with unparalleled in cost and quality of the design and manufacturing solutions.


The manufacturing base is operated in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9000 international quality management system, and its strict internal quality control system has been approved by Bureau Veritas (BV), and fully conforms to the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system standard. At the same time, it has also obtained a number of product certifications in domestic and foreign markets


Quality assurance

ØISO 9001:2008, the quality management system is audited by BV Company

Ø ASME Code Section 8, Section 1 (including U, NB and R seals) quality assurance system, the quality assurance system is audited by ASME

Ø PED Directive 97/23/EC Quality assurance system, H mode, CE certified products, quality assurance system approved by THE UK HPI (NB1521)

Ø Chinese pressure vessel quality assurance system (class III, including design license and manufacturing license). The quality assurance system is approved by AQSIQ

ØISO 3834-2 Welding Quality Management Quality Assurance system (Welding factory Certification)


The quality control

  Ø design

  Ø material

  Ø Welding process

  Ø Process control

  Ø Nondestructive testing, including compliance with RT, UT, PT, MT and VT

  Ø Material reliability Identification (PMI) testing

  ØMechanical performance test

  Ø Coating inspection

Major equipment and facilities

The manufacturing base is equipped with advanced equipment and facilities and has rich manufacturing experience. All its manufacturing activities are carried out under the supervision of the quality control department. The main equipment includes:


Ø Cutting equipment: plasma, CNC flame cutting, laser cutting, shearing machine;

Edge planing equipment;

  ØEdge planing equipment;

  Ø Bending equipment;

  Ø Coil board equipment;

  Ø Machining equipment;

  Ø Manual, semi-automatic, automatic welding equipment: GMAW (gas metal ARGON arc welding), GTAW (gas tungsten argon arc welding), SAW(submerged arc welding), SMAW (gas shielded argon arc welding) and FCAW (drug core welding);

  ØTube expanding machine;

  Ø Sand blasting facilities;

  Ø praying facilities: traditional spraying and airless spraying;

  Ø Testing equipment: VT (visual inspection), RT (radiographic inspection), UT (ultrasonic inspection), PT (penetrant inspection), MT (magnetic particle inspection), leakage test and coating inspection;

  Ø The maximum lifting capacity of a single crane is 75 tons.



Qualification certificate


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