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RizonSDI® Portable SDI
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RizonSDI® Portable SDI

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RizonSDI® portable SDI is a professional reverse osmosis SDI tester launched by our company for the Chinese market, which fully meets the water quality situation, usage habits and regulatory requirements of the Chinese market. Specially configured for field testers for a wide range of applications, such as ultrafiltration systems, reverse osmosis systems, general water treatment, seawater desalination, laboratory, field operations and more.


The RizonSDI® portable SDI is fully functional and easy to operate, allowing even non-professionals to quickly master and complete testing tasks with ease and accuracy. In use, the operator only needs to replace the diaphragm, adjust the water pressure to 2.07bar, press the test button to start the test, and the results will soon be displayed on the panel.



Note: The pollution density index SDI value is an important parameter of inlet water quality index of reverse osmosis system, and is the main means to check whether the effluent of the pretreatment system meets the inlet water requirements of reverse osmosis system. Its size is crucial to the operation life of reverse osmosis system.

Product features

  • Rechargeable battery, no external power supply

  • Automatic flow recording, no manual use of cylinder collection

  • Automatic time recording, no manual use of stopwatch recording

  • SDI values of SDI5, SDI10 and SDI15 can be measured and calculated

  • Power failure protection calendar, so that each group of results and test time corresponding

  • 100 groups of data storage function, power failure does not lose

  • Real-time traffic display, know the traffic status at any time

  • Optional booster pump, meet the low water pressure system test

  • Safe and independent test system, easy to carry, easy to operate

  • High strength engineering plastic case, strong and durable


Product advantage

  • Compared with the traditional manual SDI measurement method, it saves time, greatly reduces the tedious operation of manual measurement, and avoids errors in the process of data flow

  • Easily invoke historical data as needed for analysis

  • More times of use, long cycle, cost saving

  • A variety of models are available to meet the individual requirements of different water quality


Application field

  • Ultrafiltration system

  • Reverse osmosis system

  • Common water treatment

  • desalination

  • laboratory

  • Site operation






Product structure

RizonSDI® portable SDI is composed of box, panel, membrane filter, pressure gauge, regulating valve, inlet and outlet, etc. It is compact and easy to carry. In addition, the supercharging system can be selected according to the site situation.


Product parameters

RizonSDI® portable SDI in the development process, pay special attention to the product accuracy, ease of use, durability, fully comply with ASTMD4189-07 standard.

Parameter Type Parameter Value
Overall dimensions
(l x W x H)
365mm x 270mm x 150mm
Weight Weight 4.5KG
Box Material Engineering Plastics
Feed Water Pressure 0.3-0.5mpa
Inlet Pipe Diameter 5/16" outside diameter hose
Inlet Interface 5/16" quick plug interface
Inlet Flow >2L/min
Water Inlet Temperature -5 ~ 40° (no icing)
The Battery Holds 4400mAh
Working Voltage DC12V DC12V
The Service Life Can Last 25 hours
Charging Time 6 hours 6 hours
The Standard Host rechargeable battery, charger, membrane filter, water pipe, manual
Choose Diaphragm Type Booster pump, Diaphragm, Inlet water pipe

Product model

RizonSDI® portable SDI is used for testing pure water quality and sea water quality.

Product Name Model Specifications                     Description
RizonSDI® portable SDI meter HOST- 10 Set used for pure water quality and Marine water quality
AikeSDI® diaphragm HAK- 47- MCE Box 100 pieces/box, MCE diaphragm 47mm, 0.45μm
Diaphragm booster pump HOST- PU Station voltage DC24V, current 5A, power 120W, maximum flow 4L/min, maximum pressure 0.7mpa
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