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Near zero discharge concentrated brine
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Near zero discharge concentrated brine

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Forerunner special application membrane components

FILMTECTM series of Dupont FILMTECTM products can provide industrial users with reliable and efficient technical solutions to help solve difficult water treatment problems (reclaimed water reuse and near zero discharge).

Rich resistant film series: CR100, XC70, XC-N, XUS180808


CR100 membrane element is ultra-low pressure anti-pollution reverse osmosis membrane element, can resist biological and organic pollution, good cleaning effect, low energy consumption, and has a high solute removal rate.

◆ The desalination rate of CR100 is 99.7%, while that of ordinary film is 99.5%

◆ The number of cleaning can be reduced to 50%

◆ PH tolerance range of 1-13, conducive to the most effective cleaning of biofilms, organic compounds and inorganic salt scaling

◆ Energy saving up to 10% under the same water production



The XC70 membrane element can condense concentrated water TDS to about 70,00ppm for maximum reverse osmosis recovery

◆ High desalination rate, anti-pollution, stable film performance

◆ Easy to clean, low pressure drop component structure

◆ Advanced membrane manufacturing process without chlorination treatment



✔ The xC-N membrane component can help industrial users convert most of the reverse osmosis concentrated water into pure, more crystalline salt solutions, reduce concentrated wastewater, and reduce zero emission energy consumption.

◆ ith high selectivity, high unit ion transmittance, and high divalent ion and COD rejection rate,
Helps to separate highly purified salt solutions while reducing concentrated wastewater

◆ Used for zero-emission salt separation, NaCL purity up to 99%

◆ High permeable membrane chemical technology can improve water recovery and reduce energy consumption

◆ Film has stability and reliable long-term performance


✔ UHP RO membrane: XUS180808 (near zero emission field)

A :  Features of ultra-high pressure reverse osmosis membrane elements:
Unique innovative design, mature and reliable roll reverse osmosis membrane technology

◆ Mixer resistance to high pressure

◆ Mixer fight pollution

Improved from the mature traditional coil membrane process, the maximum operating pressure is up to 120bar and has passed extreme pressure and temperature tests

B : Standardized components, suitable for standard system device design, greatly reduce system cost

◆ Low investment cost

◆ Low operating cost

C : Ultra-high pressure reverse osmosis membrane elements are available in 8, 4 and 2.5 inch sizes

◆ Water inlet channel 34mil, stable desalination rate 99.7%

D : Application field

Dupont ULTRA high pressure reverse osmosis is mainly used for concentrated salt wastewater and near zero discharge treatment

◆ Thermal power generation industry (desulfurization wastewater, circulating cooling water, sewage wastewater)

◆ Metallurgy and hydrometallurgy (mining tail water, mine wastewater, hydrometallurgical wastewater)

◆ Chemical and petrochemical industry (coal chemical wastewater, chemical wastewater, refining wastewater)

◆ Oil and gas exploitation industry (oilfield produced water, coal-bed methane wastewater)

◆ Salt liquid, special liquid concentration and other fields

E : Total solution including UF, RO, NF and UHP RO DuPont ULTRA high pressure reverse osmosis membrane component




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