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Dupont ultrafiltration membrane
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Dupont ultrafiltration membrane

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United Company is Dupont ultrafiltration membrane distributor, as the best partner of Dupont chemical in the United States, the agent of Dupont ultrafiltration membrane, Funai series of reverse osmosis membrane and nanofiltration membrane components.

About DuPont

  • The world's leading science and technology company with 217 years of history;
  • One of the world's largest chemical enterprises, global Fortune 500;
  • In 2007, global sales reached us $54 billion;
  • Fortune magazine named the world's most admired Company;
  • More than 3,400 products are produced in nearly 200 factories worldwide, providing products and services to customers in 175 countries;
  • It has 46,000 employees worldwide.

Application of ultrafiltration


  • Dupont ultrafiltration technology is an advanced membrane separation technology based on material science, which has been widely used in various fields of industry and municipal construction.
  • Dupont ultrafiltration adopts polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) material, which is double layer hollow fiber structure. Among PVDF ultrafiltration membranes for industrial applications, DuPont ultrafiltration has the smallest nominal pore size and is able to remove almost all particles, bacteria (4-log removal rate), most viruses, and colloids. Despite its small pore size, its extremely high porosity allows ultrafiltration to achieve fluxing comparable to microfiltration and is therefore a better choice than microfiltration in most cases.
  • Dupont ultrafiltration adopts the external pressure structure which is not easy to plug, with a higher amount of pollution interception, a larger filtration area, and a more simple and thorough cleaning. The flow mode design is dominated by full-flow filtration, but the components can also be easily converted to cross-flow filtration mode.
  • In the field of water treatment, ultrafiltration can be used to remove particles, colloid, bacteria, virus, heat source, protein and polymer organic matter in water, so that the water is purified.

Dupont ultrafiltration membrane advantage

  • Not easy to scale: membrane components made of H-PVDF material
  • Excellent filtration performance and high throughput
  • The durable double skin fiber structure provides excellent durability and resistance to damage
  • Very small aperture: 0.03um
  • The removal rate of bacteria and viruses is high
  • Both full stream and cross stream filtering modes are available
  • External pressure structure, providing low blocking rate, high pollution load, and large flux, easy cleaning
  • The simple, vertical and modular design makes the system more affordable and compact


Engineering applications of ultrafiltration

Drinking water: the shortage of water resources and the aggravation of surface water pollution threaten the source of drinking water. Dupont ultrafiltration products have high filtration accuracy and high removal efficiency for various suspended solids and colloidal impurities in water, especially for cryptospore, giardia, escherichia coli and other pathogenic microorganisms. Through the relevant national departments of health inspection, for your drinking water safety to provide the most economical and reliable protection.


Reverse osmosis pretreatment: ultrafiltration for reverse osmosis system to provide more stable, more high-quality water source, maximum protection of reverse osmosis membrane from pollution and blockage, greatly extend the life of reverse osmosis system. Dupont ultrafiltration products are widely used in reverse osmosis pre-treatment systems in China's electric power, petrochemical, petroleum, electronics and other fields, with more than 600,000 tons of water per day, leading the market share.


Industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater reuse: Ultrafiltration can remove suspended solids, colloid, organic matter and other impurities in industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater, and provide pretreatment guarantee for the in-depth treatment and reuse of wastewater and sewage. Dupont ultrafiltration products, 8 "diameter components of high pollution capacity, tough PVDF membrane wire withstand more frequent water, gas, chemical cleaning.


Seawater filtration: the excellent performance of ultrafiltration makes it completely replace the traditional treatment methods of coagulation, precipitation and multi-media filtration. In many reverse osmosis seawater desalination systems at home and abroad, it provides high quality and stable water intake for seawater desalination reverse osmosis, and sets up a model of seawater resource application.


At present, more and more DuPont ultrafiltration devices have been put into operation in China, playing an increasingly important role in industrial water saving and environmental protection in electric power, steel, petrochemical and other industries.



Product Model (Authorised agent sales)

  • SFP series UF membrane components: SFP-2860, SFP-2880, SFP-2860XP, SFP-2880XP
  • UF membrane components: SFD-2860, SFD-2880, SFD-2860XP, SFD-2880XP
  • FILMTECTM Resistant RO membrane components: CR100, XC70
  • UHP RO membrane element: XUS180808
  • FILMTECTM NF film element: XC-N
  • Integra Pac TM Ultrafiltration integrated modules: IP51 series, IP71 series



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